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Education System

In the system of Bangladesh, there are three levels. This level of education is control by the government of Bangladesh. The three levels are primary, secondary and higher Secondary. In Bangladesh class one to five are in primary level . Class six to ten are in secondary level and eleven to twelve are higher secondary.

Education System in Bangladesh - JSC SSC HSC
Education System in Bangladesh – JSC SSC HSC

Exam System of Bangladesh

There are also government controlled exams in the education system in Bangladesh. In the primary level of education, there is an exam called PSC (Primary School certificate) exam. PSC exam in class five. And there is JSC(junior school certificate)  and SSC(secondary school certificate) in the secondary level of education in Bangladesh. And the last is HSC(Higher Secondary School Certificate) it’s on the higher secondary level.


Those exams are control by the education board of Bangladesh. Students from Bangladesh need to pass every level of education to get higher level education like BSC, MSC, PHD and the other degrees. 


Now in the exam of Bangladesh, the result is on the grade system . The highest grade is 5.00 GPA  (80 out of 100). Students try hard to get the Best result on every subject to get a chance at a better institute. Also parents of Bangladesh are giving pressure to students in the class of five. Because of the PSC exam

Quality of Education

But the quality of education in Bangladesh is very the measurement of skill development Bangladesh is on the back step. Majority Student from the remote village of Bangladesh, Not getting proper quality education .Because of unqualified teacher, not Enough Recourse and corruption.


But the situation is getting better day by day. Children are getting free education in Bangladesh. Books are free for the student in this Three level of education.


Bangladesh is on the 128th rank on the literacy rate. It’s 72.8 percent of its population and that’s increasing .


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